Sunday, 20 July 2014

And why Restelo?

Because that is where I'm from! Restelo is a small area of Lisbon, very close to Belem. There is actually no wikipedia entry on Restelo! Maybe I should sort that out... Picture below shows the famous Jeronimos Monastery (which is still in Belem) and behind it you can see the Estadio do Restelo (C.F. Os Belenenses stadium where there have been loads of great concerts) and some of Restelo itself. Restelo is mainly a residential area. Not much goes on except when there is a football match or a concert at the stadium. There is a building/flat area and a house area, the latter being where a lot of embassies are; a few schools; parks. It is a really nice place to live, close to the Tagus/Tejo river and because it's on the top of a hill a lot of places have very nice views. The only "monument" in Restelo is the Hermitage which is usually closed to the public but has a fantastic view and the only known personality that has come from there is probably the "Velho do Restelo" who is a character in a book. Maybe yours truly could one be the first known person from this little but lovely place. :)


  1. A aguardar então a continuação dessas aventuras, agora num novo lugar. :)