Wednesday, 8 October 2014

5&33 again!

Well, I don't yet know many restaurants here so, if I have to take someone who's not from Amsterdam I don't have a catalogue of choices and I am not always keen on taking risks when it comes to meals, particularly when I've heard that around Central station restaurants are mainly for tourists and most don't have a great reputation. All this to say I ended up in 5&33 again!
This time I had the 5&33 swizzle (rum, mint, lime, angostura bitter and house pineapple beer) which actually looked nicer (pieces of mint to add a splash of colour) and came in a more original glass then the the Spritzer I had the previous time but I forgot to take a picture (I got a picture of the room and have pasted it at the bottom of this post to make up for this). Other than that, tried to go for different plates but I couldn't resist the sardines...
Breasaola (air cured beef)
Padron Peppers with roasted almonds
Paccheri,sardine, broccoli, garlic & chilli
Casereccia with veal ragĂș & porcini
Lemon tart, mascarpone
Chocolate & pecan cake, yoghurt ice cream
 The Bresaola and the peppers were very nice but I wasn't a big fan of the ragu (and couldn't spot any porcini actually!). The lemon tart was very nice (had it last time as well) and the cake was yummy! More of a brownie and the ice cream complimented nicely as it was very light!

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