Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Eastern Docklands Bike Tour

The Eastern Docklands area has beautiful stock houses, long canals, extreme bridges, and many new innovative buildings. At the end of the last century, this Amsterdam area became available for housing. A big part of the architecture elite in the Netherlands, as well as renowned international architects, were mobilized to build a "water front" which would impress citizens. The architecture is known for its re-usage of materials, and gave old port buildings a new function. A lot of artists work in this area as well, and many of the big cultural buildings of the city are placed here now, like the Muziek Gebouw! It was good fun to do a bike tour. Overall we took just over 2h with stop for one drink and various little stops to hear from the guide. Not many pictures this time, it rained a bit and it was really dark...

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