Saturday, 15 November 2014


So once again apologies for my silence but I had a friend visiting the past week and I've also had some business travel to do. On top of that, My 1Tb Samsung external drive broke and I have been trying to get it fixed (i.e. recover what was on there). No much luck with the drive I'm afraid, although I think I will be able to recover some key photos from Facebook and my blog.
As you may guess, I did some walking around Amsterdam with my friend. We walked along the canals in the Jordaan, visited the Red Light District at night (it's really not the same as during the day), went for drinks at the Hilton Sky lounge... AND dinner at Indrapura! It was delicious. There are a lot of Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam and rijsttafels are very common. Basically you first get an entree and then a lot of little plates and bowls with meat/vegetables/etc that over the whole table. We went for the Purnama.

and yes, we were pretty full at the end...

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