Sunday, 23 November 2014

La bella Italia

This past week I was in Italy for work for a few days. Given I had to take an early afternoon flight on he Sunday I decided to take my running gear and run in Italy for a bit of a change. After a quick check on the internet I was really looking forward to try a nice flat path along the river Ticino. I obviously had not been following the news and only when I got there realized that the area was flooded and the whole path was under water. I still went for a run but it was not the best of paths...
Here are a few pics of the state of the place (and no, it's not Venice).

On one of the days I went for dinner at the Hotel 3 Re, had the Tuna which was absolutely fabulous and the other I went to Pizzeria Al Portichetto. Fotos of the last one below! All very yummy!

Fresh tomatos, ruccola and a lot of smoked Mozarella! Delicious!

Lemon pie, it was ok...

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