Monday, 8 December 2014


The Dutch are indeed a funny bunch. If you like Christmas, you should live here. Festivities start in November when Sinterklaas arrives in the country, a different city every year, this year was Gouda (or as they say it, rrouda). From that day, every night, or twice, or once a week, kids put socks out and Sinterklaas brings them sweets. Then, on the 5th of December they celebrate Sinterklaas. Finally, there is first Christmas day, the 25th and second Christmas day, the 26th. There is all the fuss about Zwarte Piet but I'm not even start on that.
Anyhow, I had went to a meetup to celebrate sinterklaasavond and got loads of presents.

Traditional dutch sweets: peppernoten, marzipan,chocolate coins, strooigoed (just sugar)...

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