Monday, 6 April 2015

Yummy Gouda

The Dutch may not have as much cheese variety as the French (or even the Brits, for that matter) but I have to admit I've been enjoying their most famous one, the Gouda. If you are wondering how to pronounce it, remember that any "G" in the Dutch language is read like the French "R" and "OU" sounds like... well, nothing in French I guess... It's the equivalent of "AU" in Portuguese if that helps anyone. Anyhow, as any proper Dutchie, I buy my cheese in the market, not sure it's that much cheaper but at least it tastes good (the ones I got at Albert Heijn were pretty tasteless and a big disappointment). In spite of it only being ONE cheese, there are many varieties of it: young, old, with garlic, with wasabi, with cumin, smoked, etc... I think I like it more, and find it certainly more interesting, than Cheddar (sorry folks!). My favourite so far has been the smoked!
So you have here my top tips on this lovely yellow Dutch delicacy,
-buy it in a market like Albert Cuyp which is open Monday to Saturday
-get a few different types, you will not be disappointed!

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