Sunday, 4 October 2015

Dam to Dam - the report

It went really well. The day was great! Not too cold, not to hot, not too much sun. I ended up going a lot faster than planned but felt fine the following days. The official time was 1:35:06. Very happy with the result!
Afstand 10 Engelse Mijl goede doelen individueel
Categorie 1790e GD10
Totaal plaats 1790e van 3197 finishers

Netto tussentijden (verschil)
5 kilometer 30:28 (30:28)
10 kilometer 59:50 (29:22)
15 kilometer 1:28:49 (28:59)
Netto tijd 1:35:06
Snelheid 10,153 km/uur

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