Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I LOVE GoogleTranslate

If I think about it, I have to remember that I'm the foreigner, the outsider, the alien. So it's probably not that unsurprising that (in the Netherlands) a lot of information / documentation / contracts are in Dutch. I'm a GENIUS, I know. I guess part of me forgot that she spoke English when she came here and (some) French when she went to France, so setting up herself was not too bad. That and the fact that when I moved to France the apartment (owned by the company so no searching required!!) was all set up with water/electricity/phone/tv... Only issue was the fact I was never able to set up internet (indeed I lived 10 months without internet bar some rare exceptions of being able to use it at work/friend's place). Also my first flat here had all bills (no phone of course) included and I just to sort out my internet and mobile phone.
I have to admit that it has been very useful to have a company helping me out with opening a bank account, finding a place to live, registering in doctors, tax(!!!!). However, I like to check stuff online, compare, look, find... And I find myself using GoogleTranslate A LOT! Awesome tool! I just copy and paste and it just does it! Ok, so it's not perfect and unfortunaltey I can't use it for printed documents but it has been a great help.

I can definitely say I am looking forward to starting my Dutch lessons in October! I have book and CDs already!

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