Friday, 8 August 2014

UK things I will (not) miss
So many mornings, afternoons, days spent visiting lovely National Trust properties... This was one activity I really enjoyed! National Trust has houses, gardens, parks, countryside, monuments, etc... Overall you are spoiled for choice of what you can see and do. Usually you have to pay to see the houses but many parks, countryside and sites are free of charge. Best thing to do if you can is buy a year membership which allows you to visit all the properties free of charge. And given the price of some places you probably just need to see 3 or 4 and your year has paid for itself. The houses and gardens are lovely, very well kept, full of history. It is not your standard tourist attraction but it is your typical middle-class (or so I've been told) British thing to do on weekends. I got a year membership and took really good advantage of it. It was a great excuse to go out on weekends, drive my car and do some great walks. There are many properties to see and I only managed to see a small number of them. Here are a few I recommend:
-Chartwell - Family home and garden of Sir Winston Churchill
-Polesden Lacy - "Entertaining royalty" by Mrs Greville
-Waddesdon Manor - Wine with the Rothschild
-Wakehurst - how to get lost in a garden

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