Sunday, 7 September 2014


On Saturday I went to 5&33 for dinner with a friend. The restaurant is part of the art'otel and in spite of being located right by the central station I definitely advise this place! The vibe is cool, the d├ęcor is excellent and the food was great. As the ongoing trend you have to select various dishes and share. They suggest you get 3 dishes plus 1 dessert per person but I was quite full with 2.5 however I still obviously managed to fit in a dessert!!! The menu is Mediterranean inspired and it was tasty but light. We started by having a classic spritz in the bar area and then moved to the dinning room for the following:
-Asparagus, quail eggs, pecorino & truffles salad
-Beef carpaccio, rocket, parmesan, mustard dressing
-Paccheri pasta,sardine, broccoli, garlic & chilli (I think this one was my favourite)
-Grilled octopus, olives, artichoke
-Braised ox cheeks, mashed potatoes & wild mushrooms
-Lemon tart, mascarpone
-Selection of ice cream and sorbet (stracciatella and will berries)

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