Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day trip to Marken and Volendam

Today I went to Marken, Volendam and even stopped at Edam. These very small towns are easily reached by bus from Amsterdam's Central Station. There is also a boat that connects Marken with Volendam. These towns are quite small but very picturesque and well looked after. I also took the chance to try the famous Dutch delicacy, soused herring. The Dutch traditionally hold the fish by its tail and just swallow the whole thing but I ate it in a bun, with some onions. I have to admit that in spite of being a lover of sushi I was not really sold to this. I think the slight gooey jelly that covered the fish was what I mostly disapproved of and struggled to fully enjoy it. Here are a few pictures
  • Marken

  • Boat trip

  • Volendam

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