Saturday, 29 November 2014

Super Sporty

I have been really trying to get fitter. Earlier this year I was struggling to fit in some runs in my busy schedule given all I had to do with job and house move. Also have to admit running around Slough was really not THAT appealing. Now that I am living in the Netherlands, close to a beautiful park, surrounded by a nation who loves to do sports I am finding it so simple to work out more often, even though I now have a 40min rather than a 10min commute!
So basically my week has been filled with running group on Tuesdays and Saturdays (some of which I miss when I go to my countryside walks) and Bootcamp on Tuesdays and Thursdays (which I generally don't attend cause of Dutch lesson). However this week there was no countryside walk and no Dutch lesson so I have worked out extra time! Have to admit the Thursdays bootcamp is way easier than the Tuesdays, which is good, cause I don't think I would have survived it otherwise. Although I am not in so much pain after the Tuesdays! And the past few weeks efforts are showing through. This week I did my best times on the Tuesday and Saturday run! On the Saturday there are 3 groups: the fast, the middle and the slow. So far I've been in the slow or between the slow and the middle; today, the fast runners were saying how quick the middle group was running and I was the first of them!
So, overall it looks like I have moved from being a 8.8kpm to a 11.3kpm runner!!

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