Monday, 15 December 2014


Oh well, that is one routine I was happy to continue!!
LOVE the concept!
Instock is the first (!) restaurant in the Netherlands which focusses on helping to stop wasting food. The four young owners of Instock Selma, Merel, Bart and Freke saw how much food is being wasted every day (around 30% of all food!!!), and decided to look for a way to turn that around! They started the NGO Instock, with as its first project a pop-up restaurant. Their chefs use rest products from that particular day, which would have been thrown away, to make an amazing menu! The money raised by their menus is used to help prevent food waste and create conscious thinking around this topic.
Tomato salad, roasted beef and potatoes, eggs with curry cauliflower, bread&butter pudding...

Bakers & Roasters
A New Zealand style café served with a heavy dose of Brazil. Absolutely fantastic! Tasty, delicious and loads of different options (including some tasty looking healthy and healthier) One to go back to check the rest of the menu!! And it's walking distance from where I live!
Veggie Breakfast

Nice food with typical brunch options, tasty, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Eggs Royale (not my picture but it was what I had)

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