Thursday, 11 December 2014

Diner @ VandeMarkt

Situated along the Amstel river, VandeMarkt (literally "from de market") is renowned for its attention to every, single detail. With a monthly-rotational menu, they use only fresh, seasonal ingredients to create their dishes. Furthermore, with an extensive wine selection, which can be seen first-hand in their beautiful in-house wine cellar (the largest of its kind anywhere in the Netherlands), no two experiences here, are ever the same.
The presentation was excellent, the taste was... ok... I'm afraid I was not thoroughly amazed by it and expected a bit more. Won't be rushing back there any time soon if you see what I mean...
Amuse bouche

Garlic Soup and pan seared tuna


Wild boar and anise mushroom terrine, various preparations of pumpkin, truffle and purple mustard dressing

Main Course

Pan fried sea bass, risotto with cashew nuts, autumn vegetables, Noilly Prat-beurre blanc sauce with Tasmanian pepper




Crimson pear variation, liquorice marshmallow, chocolate cake, pistachio ice cream

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