Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas in Amsterdam

This was a Christmas of firsts... First Christmas I didn't spend in Portugal, first Christmas I didn't spend with family, first Christmas eve at my place with friends, first vegan Christmas meal, first Christmas meal I have ever cooked!!!
I thought I would do small amounts but various things as this way I was sure to get one or two right (both in terms of being fully vegan and taste). However, as usual I got over excited about having people over and bought too much stuff. I ended up cooking four dishes and serving the first four on the list below. Slightly changed some recipes but all turned out pretty good!
-Creamy Thai Spinach Soup (no pics of this one I'm afraid)
-Puy Lentils with smoked tofu
-Broccoli Tarka Dahl
-Oven roasted vegetables with rosemary and thyme
-Thai Mushroom soup
They all tasted really nice, I think I liked the soups best and even though I served the lentils and tofu cold, the next day I heated it up and it was actually nicer that way... I love smoked tofu! Spinach soup is a great way to get  some iron which is particularly important if you are vegan.

 Some pics of the table and decorations
My "Christmas tree"

For Christmas day I went to an American friend's house and had roast turkey with baked potatoes, brussels sprouts, loads of cheese, it was very yummy! I think I could be a vegetarian but not sure I could go vegan, I love cheese too much!

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