Saturday, 27 December 2014

Running around

I started running just a little over a year ago. The yearly Christmas run was replaced by a Movember run and given I knew the organizer who had just got the "ok" from the doctors on his (no longer existing) prostate cancer, I decided to join and help with the fundraising.

I used to go to the gym but hated running and never did any. However, I survived the early morning freezing practices and the cold run (5km in just over 30minutes). I then went home for Christmas for over 2 weeks and took my trainers as there was NO WAY I was not going to do any exercise for such a long period. The weather was obviously gorgeous and the views of the river Tagus helped getting me out of the house almost every day for 20 to 40minute runs. I didn't even realize I lost weight! Back in the UK I continued the runs although the paths were not as nice, they were still nicer than the horrible gym. At this point people started suggesting I should sign up for a race, that a goal would help me, etc, etc... Life got in the way and I really struggled to properly train for a 15km run in March which I finished in just under an hour and a half. All in all, a great time, but I ached the next couple of days surely due to lack of practice (and I would say not having proper gear was not very helpful either).

I then decided I would get proper gear (as in I got a couple of running capris) and I continued my runs, on a nicer path. I found the ease of doing them at whatever time I got home, for however long I wished, a massive plus over going to the gym. I also started running with some colleagues after work once a week.

With the move to the Netherlands I have now taken it to a whole new level. With a nice park just around the corner and no gym subscription in sight, my only option was to do this properly and join a running club. Since I've been here I run twice a week with the running group: Tuesdays 6.6km and Saturdays 8.5km. Running with others is really motivating and I have really improved my time. I was able to track progress with others who ran at a similar pace. However, I still enjoy doing one or two other runs by myself during the week.

Given the cold, my cropped shorts have failed to keep me warm enough and big sweaters are too much after a kilometre or two; cotton t-shirts stay damp with sweat and become uncomfortable after a bit longer.

So I decided my birthday and Christmas presents would have a theme...
T-shirts, long winter trousers, long normal trousers, warm jacket, windproof jacket, set of gloves, scarf, hat...

Polar M400 (with Heart Rate monitor) - I am LOVING this watch and may take time to do longer post on it!
By the way, I have registered for a half marathon on 8th of March, the CPC Loop Den Haag!!! Aim is to finish, that's it!

And for some reason, I always think of this music which actually has absolutely nothing to do with running...

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