Saturday, 27 December 2014

Amsterdam Light Festival

Here are a few pictures of this years Amsterdam Light Festival. The Amsterdam Light Festival is the result of a joint venture between the cultural institutions, the municipality, knowledge institutes and businesses in Amsterdam. It is unprecedented that so many parties of all sorts have made such a huge joint effort to make this festival happen and to reinforce the qualities of Amsterdam.
I did the walking route around the Plantage last weekend and my company's Christmas dinner was actually dinner on a boat that went around the canals to see the boat route. So overall, I must have seen all of them, but only have pictures of the walking route ones... I definitely advise people to check the festival (some end on the 4th of January!!), the boat route can probably be done by bike.The app is really good and some structures can be controlled from your smartphone so take yours with you for extra interaction and fun!! Light festivals are popping up around different places so let me know if there are any other good ones around!

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