Saturday, 6 September 2014

It's official

As good citizen should do, so did I and registered myself in the Portuguese consulatein the Netherlands. Not sure exactly why I need to do this and if I get any benefit besides paying €3 to get it done but I still did it. Anyhow, I had to get the address changed on my ID card (or cartão de cidadão as we call it) and the request had to be confirmed so I just thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone and officially "be" in the Netherlands.
The consulate is in Den Haag and it's a 25min walk from the central station. As advised, I called in advance to book and even though I only called on Tuesday (hardly had to wait for the phone to be answered) the first option they offered was on Friday afternoon. I got there a bit before my booking, got given a paper to fill in and pretty much went in to get my stuff sorted at the booked time. The lady behind the desk was also very nice and helpful.
Given what I had heard about the Portuguese consulate in the UK (it even has it's facebook hate page) I was a bit afraid of having to go to the consulate to sort things out, particularly when it's not exactly close but all in all, I was very well impressed. Only suggestion for improvement would be to get one in Amsterdam, but I may be a bit biased there...

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